Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Letters To The Pyrate: On Rising With The Sun

 November 11th, Two Thousand and Nine
To: Captain Frohawk Max       

From: Queen of the Butterflies

Dear Captain, Dear Captain, 

The Sun is a-rising in the east in this moment as you wake.  But do not be mistaken!  It rises not of its own doing.  If the Earth stops it's spinning, it would not come!  Likewise, if the lids upon your beautiful orbs do not rise with it, I suspect, your truth will be, that there was no sunrise!   

So, my dear Captain, please do not dawdle!  Make haste with your rising!  Do not contemplate why it must be!  There are oceans to conquer!  Are you listening to me?  
Rise with the sun, my Captain!  Open your eyes!  Stretch your limbs out in every direction and  inhale the air!  Feel it enter you joyfully, then breath! Pull on your britches and raise your sails!   There's a wind blowing, make sure that you catch it!  

As your day begins, my Captain, I am here close by, praying for you!  ...that your plundering finds treasure, that your treasure be knowledge, truth, understanding, compassion, love, joy, and courage.  

Mind not the other sailors out there on that sea!  Dear Captain, trust yourself and the Spirit to be your guides (and me!).  Let no one or nothing distract you!  Not even the hurricane looming on the horizon! The madness of young men and of young women too, who might have good hearts but are misguided on these seas.. 

Some don't have maps at all, my Captain!  Squandering their treasures on frivolous merriment, before their holds are filled, they purchase nonsense and wear tailored garments, but have leaky ships because their shipbuilders were unseasoned craftsmen.  Some have even forgotten why they float on the oceans.  The hurricane will swallow them up while they intoxicate themselves on rum, and women, and games.  Their sailing will be raucous and some will not make it home.  Some will make it, but with empty holds.   The most trifling of all will sink into the darkness of the abyss.  But you, dear Captian, if you focus your sites on your destination and the treasures you will find, that hurricane will not harm you as it passes your way.  

My dear Captain, do not be mislead to believe there will be no sweat.  There will be sweat, enough to sting in your eyes.  There will be tears as well, my Captain, as you ride the waves of these seas, no matter the season.  There will be moments when you will be weeping, afraid and lost or discouraged.  The Spirit (and I) will be here with this beacon!  Just look for it, good Captain, and it will set you straight!  Its light will guide you and all will be well.  

I will leave you with these words as your anchor is raised, in the hopes that you find many treasures this day.  As you sail from this shore, remember I'm here awaiting your return. 

  Dear Captain, when this day ends and you find your way home, I will be hear a-waiting the tales of your journey!  A meal for your belly, a song for your heart, and a place for your slumber when the day is done.   You need not worry about such things now, (but be thankful and joyful for others must do). Instead, my dear Captain, look into the day!  Catch hold of that wind! And now SAIL AWAY!!!

Wishing You a Good Day!
With love, 
Your Mom.

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