Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sunday Farmer's Market Brunch for Ten... Part Four: Herb-Infused Breakfast Meats

 Potato Leek Gratin, Farmer's Market Quiche, Almondberry Tarte, Nectarine/Plum Pound Cake, Herb Infused Breakfast Meats.  Served on vintage, hand-painted, artistan signed plates from the Tonalo region of Mexico, 1940' s green Seneca Driftwood glasses, vintage Coorsite ball pitchers, crystal cake pedestals all from my collection.  All vintage wares come from my spelunking on ebay and in flea markets for a fraction of their worth. Shall I blog about my spelunking???(Ikea flutes bought on sale for less than $1 each... I have about 50 stored away for parties.)

This is a quick tip more than it is a recipe.  You can use this technique with any kind of meat you might be cooking in a pan.  You'll want a selection of fresh herbs.   You'll want to cut them up right before you add them to the pan so that the cut edges don't dry in the air and their flavor infuses with the oils in the pan and absorbs into the meat.  So, wash your herbs, set aside, get the meat into the hot pan to start cooking, then chop your herbs and add to the pan.
We used regular and spicy Jimmy Dean bulk pork sausage  that I formed into patties, uncured bacon  (surprisingly you can now find that a great number of even the larger companies that sell bacon have an uncured version, just note that it will NOT last long in the refrigerator so don't buy more than you'll use within a couple of day after opening it.), and chicken apple and habanero & green chile assortments of chicken sausages from Aidells.  While it's cooking on one side, chop your herbs and sprinkle over the top, then turn and cook for remaining time without moving it around too much so that the herbs will stick into the carmelizing meat.
That's pretty much it.
I told you it was simple.  The Austrian did this part as well for our brunch.  So you know it must be easy!
We used rosemary, thyme, and oregano.  But sage, tarragon, basil,  and marjoram are also great.

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